Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just finished 'Shoe Addicts Anonymous' by Beth Harbison and it was definitely addictive. Four different women. One common shoe size. And a shared lust for fabulous footwear.

Helene Zaharis's politician husband keeps her on a tight leash and cancels credit cards as a way of controlling her. Lorna Rafferty is up to her eyeballs in debt and can't stop her addition to eBay. Sandra Vanderslice, battling agoraphobia, pays her shoe bills by working as a phone-sex operator. And Jocelyn Bowen is a nanny for the family from hell (who barely knows a sole from a heel but who will do anything to get out if the house).

On Tuesday evening nights, these women meet to trade shoes and, in the process, form friendships that will help them each triumph over their problems--from secret pasts to blackmail, bankruptcy, and dating. Funny, emotional, and powerful, Shoe Addicts Anonymous is a perfect read for any woman who has ever struggled to find the perfect fit.


Anonymous said...

Interesting I hope to read this shoe book

Eliza March said...

Who doesn't have a shoe addiction? Well, I can go shopping and buy shoes even when dresses look like gunny sacks and every pair of pants I try on make me feel like a sausage roll.

Lately I've been opting for comfort as well as style. I never thought I'd live to see the day I'd pass up anything that made me look taller for something my arches didn't scream in. LOL Sounds like a cute book. I miss chick lit. Eliza M.