Friday, August 6, 2010

Do you have a Kindle or e-reader?

If you have a Kindle or E-reader of some sort hopefully you'll be able to help me out. My first book comes out in e format in Dec 2010 and I want to be able to make intelligent recommendations to my readers. I would value any input you can provide me.

What do you like about your Kindle or ereader? What don't you like about it? Are they proprietary to certain companies, i.e The Nook to Barnes & Noble, etc. What should I look for when purchasing one? What's new on the horizon in ereaders?  Are they here to stay or simply a trend? I know they have come down in price significantly so what should I expect to pay for one?

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice you can provide to me. Thanks so much for your valuable time!!