Thursday, January 27, 2011


DEADLY REVENGE is my wip at this time. Here is a little blurb to titillate your senses.

North Carolina is the eighth likely state to have human trafficking because of its Interstate highways and its close proximity to Washington, D.C.

Who knew? Not twenty-six-year old Victoria (Tory) Richards. On her way home to Hickoryville in the North Carolina Mountains to help her mother set up a Bread and Breakfast, she’s run off the road.

Dave Miller comes to her aid. He’s an undercover detective assigned to the task force for human trafficking,  while he’s visiting his folks in Hickoryville. Instead of the rest and relaxation he expects, he ends up getting reassigned to work undercover on surveillance of a suspected ‘trail’ of traffickers.

He and Tory are immediately attracted to each other and become more involved as she coincidentally stumbles across four separate murder victims. Will she trust him after she finds out the truth about who he really is?

When nothing points to her being a suspect, Dave wonders who’s setting her up and is determined to protect her. The entire task force gets called in after Tory is abducted by the traffickers.

Will Dave find her in time when she’s abducted by the traffickers before she is transported out of state and used as a sex slave?