Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Release! Available April 28, 2015

Samantha Williams, a New York City girl and a wannabe photographer, stumbles into Rosie’s Diner in Saddle Creek, Wyoming, outside Jackson Hole. Disheveled from a horrid travel day, Sam finds the only seat available is at the counter beside a burly, staggeringly handsome and strong-muscled cowboy—a cowboy who she is immediately attracted to and who has some baggage of his own.
Elliott Bouchard, an Outfitter and trainer of therapy horses, thinks he already found his one true love, Mariah, whom he married. When she died two years ago, he felt responsible for her death, and regrets not being able to save her. It’s a big part of his life everyday until he meets Samantha Williams. He wants to protect her, not only from the raw elements of the west but from someone following her who wants her gone.
When Sam’s life is threatened, due to evidence she unknowingly has in a picture, Elliott comes to her rescue. But will he be there in time?
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rustlers and Romance

Rustlers and Romance
Saddle Creek 1

By: Lorelei Confer | Other books by Lorelei Confer 
Categories: Mainstream RomanceContemporaryWestern/Cowboys
Word Count: 40,357
Heat Level: STEAMY
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, June 24th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 1st.
[BookStrand Cowboy Romance, HEA]
Rosie’s Diner is at the center of the small town of Saddle Creek, Wyoming, in the shadows of the Grand Teton Mountain range. When horse rancher Chase Montgomery first lays eyes on a waitress’s bruised and swollen face, and beautiful green eyes, his first instinct is to kiss the bruises away.
Lauren McCray flees Michigan and heads west to escape another beating from her ex-boyfriend, Clint Jackson. When she sees him looking inside her car outside the diner where she works, she runs again. This time, jumping into the bed of a nearby pickup truck hauling a horse trailer.
Chase’s life is enriched when he pulls back the tarp in the bed of his pick up and finds the green-eyed beauty. Lauren is running and needs protection from something or someone, and he agrees to protect her with his life, but will it be in time?
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance