Sunday, January 10, 2010

We all do it. We make resolutions or even silent promises to ouselves that THIS will be THE year of fame, fortune, love, and happiness, etc. And at the end of the New Year spontaneity (January 5th or so) we start to FIND excuses for each and every one of our promses.

We all know we have to make our own successes. Or at least we should all know by now. We have to make things happen ourselves. If we want to lose weight, we need to eat healthy and excercise. If we want to get a book written this year we have to write it. If we want ot get it published we have to focus on that until it's done, going around, through or over mountains that may impede our success, doing whatever it takes in whatever we want to get it done.

No one's going to do it for us, no one's going to write a book for us or market a book, or lose weight for us. We HAVE to do it ourselves.

What have you promised yourself you will accomplish this year? How are you going to do it?
When are you going to do it? Where are you going to do it?



Houston A.W. Knight said...

I promised myself to get published in romance and I aim to do it, if the Gods allow this year to be mine. I plan on going to the Nationals to promote and sell.

I will be submitting and writing as well. I'm keeping up the 16 hours days devoted to writing and I hope to have two books to sell at the RWA convention.

I'm making every effort to get my name out there and be seen as much as possible. I'm doing whatever it takes to get publishers and agents to take me seriously...

The rest is up to the Gods to organize the universal energies to see it does in fact happen this year.

Positive thinking is the first step in seeing this I'm positive!

Hawk and may you find your dreams this year as well!

Lorelei Confer said...

Hawk: I agree with you 100% ANd have the sams or similar plans as you.We can share marketing techniques wihtin our groups and will be happy to help promote you anyway I can!

Eliza March said...

Great advice! Mine is write what you what makes you happy. Also research the market. Find out what a publisher is buying now. Read what you write.

Enough wisdom ~~ Eliza

Hawk, I hope to see you on the shelves above 'March'

heee heee heee